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Collistar Energizing Talasso Scrub

Collistar Energizing Talasso Scrub

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A Collistar rich revitalizing treatment which renews the epidermis and makes full use of the benefits of thalassotherapy and aromatherapy to intensify the exfoliating effect. 

Size: 400ml


  • Renews the skin, freeing it from dead cells and impurities
  • Enhanced action when the scrub is massaged in, reviving the skin's micro-circulation
  • Mixture of plant oils leaves the skin silky and polished with no need for additional moisturize
  • Aromatic oils with their energizing essences help lift the spirits 

Extra tip: Ideal before specialist treatments as it makes the skin more receptive. Use before sun and self-tanning products exposure for an even, long-lasting color after tanning. 

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