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Apivita Queen Bee Night Cream

Apivita Queen Bee Night Cream

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Apivita's nourishing night formulated cream with two patented controlled-release technologies offering a highly concentrated, continuous and long-lasting diffusion of rejuvenating royal jelly and protecting and regenerated propolis and honey. 

Size: 50ml


  • Reduces wrinkles and increases skin density and firmness
  • Controlled-release royal jelly and two plant extracts re-define facial contours 
  • Prevents appearance of dark spots and offers radiance and even skin tone
  • Api-honey fermented, olive oil, beeswax and panthenol plump, hydrate and nourish the skin 
  • Controlled-release propolis, Api-honey fermented and rose hip infusion protect against urban pollution, detoxify and enhance the natural defense of the skin 
  • Pumpkin enzymes gently exfoliate and enhance cellular renewal for smooth and even skin texture 
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